Monday, August 2, 2010

On photography and styling, part one

For online businesses, photos - and styling for photos - is absolutely key to success or failure.


I've been pretty bored with my photos lately.  I've never figured out the lighting in my living room since changing over to natural lightbulbs for my lighting kit.

I finally realized the reason is simple:  I'm missing a tree's worth of branches from the oak tree that shaded my living room!  The light in my living room is so harsh now - I've struggled with photos since last Fall.

Natural light anywhere in my house is problematic.  Except for my kitchen window, where I shoot all of my button photos.  I can get great photos in the morning, afternoon and even in the evening.

My kitchen is terribly dark (that's another story), but my front step is all white walls, which reflects all of the California sunshine right into my kitchen window.

I've had an image in my head for months and months about new photos for my hand knits (which includes knitting patterns).  I finally tried some test photos this afternoon and am cautiously optimistic!

I want to accomplish several things with my photos:  natural light, a sort of rustic romance, very editorial, with depth and texture.

I'll talk more about styling in part two - I'm still experimenting!  I'd love to hear what you think so far.  I'll be trying more photos with evening and then morning light in the same spot, and want to add a lavender bunch to the right of the straw hat.

Reprinted from Phydeaux Designs, On photography and styling, part one.

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