Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to handmaken!

I've been plotting a new blog for more than a year. A blog focusing on the art, magic and myth behind what those who make and create things actually do.

The art of making. More specifically, the magic and myth of making.

But I wanted to also incorporate the business of what we do, and worried that readers would be put off by equating "art" with "business" (oh me ...).

Then, after thoroughly enjoying Seth Godin's latest book, Linchpin, realized just how silly my worries were. There is an art to business, as well as storytelling, as well as deep mythologies and psychologies, as well as making, as well as creating, as well as anything we do.

"Handmaken" brings to mind an old European artisanal world. Where people spent entire lifetimes mastering a craft. "Hand maken" is, literally, Dutch, for "make by hand" (mind you, I'm not fluent in Dutch and hope that my translation is accurate).

The word, "handmaken" hit me more than a year ago, as I spent a month or more brainstorming blog names. I'd come up with a great name, google it, and discard it. I was trying on a few names for size, the domains for which were already purchased (ah, technology). I was excited when I couldn't find blog names or domains already in use for handmaken, yay!

So welcome to handmaken! The beauty of a new blog is the thrill of the journey. Which I look forward to sharing with you!

I'll post a few of my more recent business-related posts to kick things off. I hope you'll feel free to engage in discussion (which I love) - I'll always engage right back.


  1. yay! cant wait to see what you have planned for here!