Thursday, June 3, 2010

What do you watch/listen to while you're making?

Many artists/artisans/makers listen to or watch something while they're marking their art or craft: tv, netflix, hulu, the last season of LOST, podcasts, NPR. When I first started working fulltime with my business, I'll admit to going mad watching cable all day, while knitting or working online. Then realized I was watching TV first, then working, so turned off the TV!

What do you do while you work?
  • Are you watching reality TV shows? Or TED talks online?
  • Are you listening to Lady Gaga on your ipod? Or to the latest Seth Godin book?
I don't think there's a single thing wrong with listening to or watching something fun while working - we all have our "guilty pleasure" listening and viewing.

But what would happen if you started listening to/watching something that would help improve your business or feed your artistic soul? Maybe just one day a week?

I'm watching Seth Godin talking about the tribes we lead as I'm typing this. It's just 17 minutes long and I was able to write a blog post at the same time (while downloading skype for a videocall!).

But I'll be listening to one of my favorite playlists this afternoon while working on a new design, because the music I'll be listening to always helps me tap into my core.

If you don't currently listen to or watch programs/talks/podcasts/audiobooks that will help you grow as an artist/artisan or business owner ... try it! Try it one day this or next week. I'll even post a few suggestions a little later this afternoon.

What do you listen to or watch while you're working? And what might you think about trying out for a day a week?


  1. This is huge for me. I think it stems from being alone all day, but Ive fallen into the habit of playing DVDs on my computer in the background while I work. Ive never been much of a music person, when I had an office job I always listened to talk radio. For some reason it helped me focus better and helped the time move faster. At home I cant get the AM stations so I started popping in DVDs from the library, or sometimes tv shows on Hulu, and it really helps me. Actually now Im worried that its kind of like an addiction I guess you could say, I feel like I cant work without it! good, bad? who knows. Sometimes when Im doing computer work, it distracts me a bit, but when Im making jewelry, its just noise, people, like Im in an office with others, it helps with sanity at least, and thats huge when you work for yourself. I think everyone would agree!

  2. White noise! Helping your sanity when you work at home is definitely a good thing. The fact that you already listened to talk radio would make an audiobook something you'd really enjoy, Nicole!